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Using SMS to Increase Turn Up Rates
By  Jan on July 11, 2011

Professionals like lawyers, doctors and dentists conduct their business mostly on appointment-basis. Appointments are set up days, weeks and even months ahead to ensure the smooth flow of their business. However, some people have issues with remembering these appointments that they fail to show up on their scheduled date. It is when people do not show for their appointment that problems arise. What problems do missed appointments cause? One, the fluidity of the operations is disrupted. New schedules would have to be made; some clients may even have to be moved to a different schedule just to accommodate the missed appointment. Two, loss of income. Since most professionals earn by the hour, a missed appointment means income lost for that certain time. Good thing if there is a client who would walk-in to fill in that slot, but what if there weren’t?

How then can professionals avoid the problem of “no shows”? Some have their secretaries send out calls to remind their clients of their appointments. But, even that isn’t fool-proof. Blast SMS has the cost-effective technology to solve that problem: SMS Broadcasting. SMS Broadcasting utilizes the technology of SMS to send out updates, notifications and alerts. Many businesses have turned to SMS Broadcasting to help smoothen their operations. Our clients at Blast SMS have increased their turn up rates since subscribing to our service. If you have been experiencing “no shows” in your business, let Blast SMS help you.

Benefits of Blast SMS Broadcasting:

  1. Effortless import of contacts. You can get rid of index cards and rolodexes, and import your contacts from your database to your Blast SMS account.
  1. Save pre-set templates. There is no need for you to compose the same messages time and time again as you can save pre-set templates. Easily edit and fill in those templates whenever you need.
  1. Send SMS in real time or set a schedule for its delivery. This feature allows you to manage appointments more efficiently. For example: once you have set an appointment with your client, set a schedule on your Blast SMS account for the delivery of your message. Let’s say your clients appointment is three weeks from now. You can set an SMS to be sent the day after you’ve made the appointment, a week from the set appointment and the day before the appointment. This helps ensure that your client remembers the schedule you have set.
  1. Appointment confirmation. Blast SMS offers a two-way SMS feature that lets your client reply to your SMS. You can be informed should your client not make it to his said appointment. This allows you to adjust your schedule accordingly and set another appointment with another client. This way, you do not suffer the loss of income because of a cancelled appointment.

Why should you switch to SMS?

The majority of people who miss their appointments are within the range of 16 to 35 years old, the same age range of heavy mobile users. If you communicate with them through a medium that they always use, you stand a better chance of yielding positive results. If you were offered a fast, reliable and cost-effective way of protecting your business’ revenue, why would you turn it down?

Ready to increase your turn up rates?

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