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Nightclubs and Discos Filling Up the Dance Floor with SMS
By  Jan on July 11, 2011

If your nightclub or disco’s dance floor has a large enough space for your staff to play hockey, it is high time you discovered the benefits of SMS broadcasting. Our nightclub- and disco-owner clients have been seeing a great number of guests showing up each day since they signed up with Blast SMS.

Nightclubs and discos pay a lot to promote their clubs. They hire promoters, distribute flyers, print out posters, place radio ads – practically, the works – all that money, time and effort for just one event. And, unless they go all out (which means skyscraping costs), it’s difficult to reach out to a wide clientele, meaning: low show up rate. It doesn’t take a genius to put one and one together and see a considerable loss in profit.

So, what is our solution to this problem? Blast SMS Broadcasting. Blast SMS Broadcasting enables nightclubs and discos to expand their coverage and promote their business in just one go and for a fraction of their regular marketing costs. For you to understand easily, Blast SMS is an SMS marketing tool that allows users to send local and international text messages. Clients can import their patrons details to their Blast SMS account, set up messages (both personalized and generic) and set a schedule on when to send the SMS. What do you get? A quick, cost-efficient, convenient and easy-to-use SMS marketing tool that is proven reliable and effective.

Products Designed for the Entertainment World:

Promotional Campaigns via SMS
You can send out promotional campaigns via SMS to attract new customers or to nurture your existing client database. Blast SMS’ unprecedented convenience allows you to reach thousands of clients with just one click, without leaving your seat. You can choose to send via the web using Messenger(Web) or by downloading our Windows application Messenger(Desktop). Our interface is easy to use and easy to understand. Users can manage their contacts, save pre-typed message templates and send generic or personalized messages broadcasting your events, promos, guest list invites, gig schedules and everything you need to promote your business.

Staff Chat
Effortlessly coordinate with your staff and partners through SMS. Send out meeting reminders, roster notifications, private functions and security staff notifications. Communication via SMS is quick and reliable. Our clients use SMS to coordinate during events, especially big ones like festivals, to report incidents on the grounds. This allows for fast notification and response.

Guest List
This feature benefits both your client and your business. Our 2-way SMS feature lets you broadcast your announcements and have your client reply to confirm their attendance. You save time promoting your event while your guest saves time by dodging the queues and going straight to the entrance.

Opt-out Facility
Maybe your client wants to lay low from the night life and not receive notifications from your business, no problem, Blast SMS has your covered, once your client wants to opt out they just follow the simple instructions on the bottom of the sms and they are disabled from being sent further sms from your account. The contact details, however, are still saved in your database and messaging can resume once you get the permission from your client.


Don’t let your nightclub or disco suffer the embarrassment of an empty dance floor. Improve your business’ revenue and take full advantage of Blast SMS now!


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