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A New Look, Welcome to Blast SMS
By  Jan on July 11, 2011

It’s been a busy 6 months for the Blast SMS team as everyone got their game face on for the revamp of the site and its services. What you now have is an improved SMS broadcasting company with a site that features a new look, a new edge.

Blast SMS still maintains all the wonderful features that clients came to love since 2005. It is proud to keep its high level of personalized customer service and its rock-solid SMS delivery. Clients can expect the same remarkable quality of service from Blast SMS – now loaded with even more features!

Here is what to love about our revamp:

Developers API Toolkit
Blast SMS works hard to bring to you an SMS broadcasting service that is reliable and with an easy-to-use interface. But, we do understand that you have ideas on how to make things a lot easier for you. That is why we came up with our Developers API Toolkit, so that 3rd party developers can create new applications and improve existing ones. The kit has a comprehensive assortment of tools to enable developers to efficiently connect to our SMS gateway and integrate SMS into their site, system or application. With team work between our company and 3rd party developers, we can effectively utilize SMS as a medium of communication.

Birthday Tool
Show your clients you think about them by sending messages on their most important day. With Blast SMS’ Birthday Tool, you can save a personalized birthday message and schedule it to be sent leading up to or on your client’s special day.

Opt-out Tool
Blast SMS cares for people’s time, privacy and other personal concerns. Being spam-compliant, we offer an optional Opt-out feature for our clients. Each SMS can have an attached opt-out message that says, “OptOut-www.Rmove.ME Code: 185654″. Should your recipients not want to receive your messages anymore, they can opt-out in one easy step. They need only to visit our new opt-out website http://Rmove.ME, enter in the supplied code. Messages are no longer sent to the client who opts out, but the contact information is still in your database. This allows you to effortlessly resume sending messages once you get the go-signal from your client.

International Pricing
Blast SMS uses an international pricing method. The calculation is based on the EURO exchange rate, which is updated daily for the other currencies listed on the site.

We have also upgraded the tools that have been benefiting our clients since 2005. After our revamp, we’re proud to say that we have upgraded our tools:

We have come up with a better reporting feature so you can monitor your messages more easily. Loyal clients will also notice better contact management. Importing contacts into your secure Blast SMS account has now been improved and is easier than ever!

SMS Gateway Platform
We have rebuilt our SMS gateway platform from the ground up to ensure high quality SMS delivery and a more intelligent routing system to improve delivery costs and pass the savings onto our clients using a client-friendly pricing model.

How does our revamp sound to you? Try our services and tell us what you think!


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